Terza Rima Thursdays: Carol Ann Duffy

terzarimathurs 01.jpg

One thing I’d like to do here at Iris is have themed posting days: and Thursday, as you have probably guessed, will feature works by LGBT poets. (Because I like alliteration, I came up with ‘terza rima Thursday,’ and as some of my favorite poems are terza rima sonnets, the name stuck.)

Today’s poem, Terza Rima SW19,  is by Carol Ann Duffy, the current poet laureate of Britain and an out bisexual woman. I love this poem for the way Duffy plays with language (like the progression of verbs associated with ‘kestrel,’ from ‘treads’ to ‘drops’ and then ‘rise,’ particularly when read alongside the couple’s movements) and form (‘apart’ is the only endword that doesn’t have a corresponding rhyme in the subsequent tercet). I also like her use of italics, and especially the characterization of the couple’s relationship.

What do you think?