New Submissions Manager!

As our reading period gets underway, we wanted to take the opportunity to explain our new submissions procedures! As always, you can find our  full guidelines for submission here.

Submitting to Iris is easy! Just send an email to with your submission as an attachment. Please do not use this email address for anything other than submitting your work. We will simply not see your email in a timely manner. Because the script is automated, we check in on a weekly basis, but that's it. All questions regarding submissions should still be directed to

It is really important that your submission be sent as an attachment. And because we read submissions blind, we ask that you include only the title in the attachment itself. Please don't include your name or bio in the attachment! That goes in the email text. Please use the this cover letter as the text of your email.

And that's it! We can't wait to read your work!