Happy Mother's Day!

Team Iris is lucky to have an awesome mom-in-chief on our staff! Roseann (Amanda & Maria's mom) has a background in psychology, and she serves as our Editorial Board Advisor. When you write to us for advice, she's actually the one who answers you! She also maintains our list of resources for LGBTQ+ youth in need (for which she's always looking for suggestions!). She (and Amanda's dad!) has been an integral part of Iris from the very beginning, from offering ideas and suggestions to providing incredibly generous financial support. We are so very grateful to have her on our team!

If you have a mom or grandma, stepmom or godmother who's always been there for you, we hope you take a minute to thank her today. But we also know that Mother's Day can be a difficult one for many young people, for many different reasons.

So, please take a moment to thank an important lady in your life. It doesn't matter who she is; what matters is that you get to tell her what she means to you. After all, today is really about celebrating powerful, strong women who've made a difference in our lives. However you decide to celebrate today, take a minute to reflect and think on the women who have impacted you.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom - and to all the women who support our youth, thank you.