Spotlight: Every Day

I wake up.

            Immediately I have to figure out who I am. It’s not just the body – opening my eyes and discovering whether the skin on my arms is light or dark, whether my hair is long or short, whether I’m fat or thin, boy or girl, scared or smooth. The body is the easiest thing to adjust to, if you’re used to waking up in a new one each morning. It’s the life, the context of the body, that can be hard to grasp.

            Everyday I am someone else. I am myself – I know I am myself – but I am also someone else.

            It has always been like this.

Every Day, David Levithan (2012).

Hi! My name is A. So, you think your teenage life is complicated? Imagine spending everyday in a different person’s body. Imagine everyday having different parents, different teachers, different siblings, different love interests. That is my life.


For a long time, I was strict about certain rules. Above all, I tried not to interfere. It is so easy to say the wrong thing to a friend, to your date, to make a choice that is out of character. I’ve learned to access what I need to know about the other person’s life, to watch for expectations and try not to make too many mistakes.

I was relatively content with my life. Sure, it was not easy. Yet, I think I have a special insight on what is really important in life. People tend to fight over the one percent of differences they have and always forget the similarities that are ninety nine percent. Yet without these, I simply could not function.

So, I thought I was content living just day by day and looking for the big pictures. But then, I met Rhiannon. Now I live every day in a different body, every day in a different life, but also every day in love with the same girl. Can it work out?

Read my story and find out:

David Levithan, Every Day. New York: Ember, 2012.

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