What's Your Pride?

Happy June! We're so excited to celebrate Pride Month with you this year. Pride Month gives us an opportunity to celebrate all the beautiful facets of our community. 

Everyone on Team Iris volunteers their time and talent, because they believe in the necessity and value of our work. You'll be hearing from Team Iris throughout June so that you can learn a little more about who we are and why we do what we do - in short, our #IrisPride. 

But #IrisPride isn't just for our team. We want you to get in on the discussions, too. And to help frame the conversation, this month we'll be posting regularly about four theme weeks, one week for each of our core values here at Creating Iris. We're kicking things off this week with Empowerment, and looking ahead we'll be talking about History, Wellness, and Advocacy, each of which is incredibly important to us. 

We hope you'll join us! Unsure how to reach out? Find us on all your favorite social networks, and tag your posts with #IrisPride. 

For Team Iris, Pride is all about being a small part of your lives. Thanks for welcoming us. What's your #IrisPride?