celebrate and affirm marginalized youth
through the arts



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Diverse youth find themselves at a crossroads in America and throughout the world, wondering where they belong in a world that seems increasingly intent on marginalizing them, minimizing their experience and making them feel unsafe. 

We believe that art can serve as a powerful tool to inspire, affirm, and celebrate our youth. We want to collect the many kinds of art being created at this uncertain time in a single, searchable place for marginalized youth to find and share positive affirmations.

We have launched iris inspires to collect all of this art in a single place. We want to create a tagged, searchable art collective where our youth can find celebration and affirmation of their identities - but we need your help. When you need some inspiration, some affirmation, or just understanding that you aren't alone, even in uncertain, hostile times, we want you to have a place to go.