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Diverse youth find themselves at a crossroads in America and throughout the world, wondering where they belong in a world that seems increasingly intent on marginalizing them, minimizing their experience and making them feel unsafe. 

We believe that art can serve as a powerful tool to inspire, affirm, and celebrate our youth. We want to collect the many kinds of art being created at this uncertain time in a single, searchable place for marginalized youth to find and share positive affirmations.

We have launched iris inspires to collect all of this art in a single place. We want to create a tagged, searchable art collective where our youth can find celebration and affirmation of their identities - but we need your help. When you need some inspiration, some affirmation, or just understanding that you aren't alone, even in uncertain, hostile times, we want you to have a place to go. 

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This is a community space, a place for us to collect the incredible creative work being produced in the face of marginalization. Use the form below to share your work, and our team of volunteer moderators will get it posted as soon as possible. 

Please fill out the form below and then send your submission to contributetoiris@gmail.com. (For all other inquiries, use editorial@creatingiris.org. Do not send submissions to the magazine to this address.)

This form is only for submissions of inspirational posts, in an effort to show support for marginalized communities in the wake of recent world-shifting events during 2016. Please do not use this form to submit writing for consideration in IrisNew Writing for LGBTQ+ Young Adults. Submit to Iris here.

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