Who We Are

Iris is a new literary magazine that launched in January 2014. Iris features new fiction for teens (roughly, ages 14-17) with an LGBTQAI slant. Iris is a safe place for young adults – a magazine which features engaging, transporting, challenging stories that offer a breath of fresh air in the young adult literary market. 

Why “Iris”?

Iris was a Greek messenger goddess, and the goddess of the rainbow. We chose Iris for our namesake because we wanted to emphasize inclusion – we want Iris to be a magazine of choice for all teens, whether gay or straight, trans or cis, decidedly queer or newly questioning, advocate or ally.


Creating Iris

'Creating Iris' emphasizes that many  voices write our LGBTQAI+ rainbow. We're excited to feature more of those voices on the site. 

It became apparent from our conversations with our Tumblr and Twitter followers that future readers of Iris hoped that we'd publish more frequently than quarterly. Creating Iris was born when we decided to expand our focus to include literary criticism and feature essays for (and by!) young adults. 


You can read more about the people behind Creating Iris here

Want to write for us? We're always looking for new voices to feature on the site. Just send us an email. Thank you!

It takes courage to grow up and become who you truly are.
— ee cummings