Terms & Conditions

Iris is available for download, free of charge, and you are welcome to share copies of the magazine - we even have social buttons to help you do so! 

However, you may not post or publish the magazine anywhere. You may only link to our website or share using our social links. Thank you. 

If you download the magazine and/or print it out, you also agree not to make any changes to it. 

All images and text remain the copyright of their respective creators. Please respect their work. 

If you are a teacher, librarian, school librarian, or other adult who works with teens and would like to share Iris with your students, please send us an email. We'd love to know how you incorporate Iris in your classroom. 

Privacy Policy

There are a few things you should know about Iris and our commitment to privacy. Here we go:

  1. Iris and Creating Iris do not solicit the collection of personal information. You can download the magazine just by clicking on the link. You do not need to provide any information to access it - not an email address, not a name, nothing! It's there to be read. Enjoy it! 
  2. Iris and Creating Iris do not collect personal information from our young readers. We expect every user of the site to be over the age of thirteen (and if you're not, please come back and visit with a parent in tow). Future writers, see #5.
  3. Creating Iris (and the magazine, Iris) does maintain a mailing list. All visitors are able to sign up to receive our email newsletter except those under the age of thirteen. If you're under thirteen, please show the Creating Iris site to your parents - they can sign up for the mailing list and keep you in the loop. If we become aware that a child aged thirteen or younger has signed up for the mailing list, we will delete their contact info. 
  4. The Creating Iris site does use Google Analytics, like many websites, for statistical research purposes. In order to work, Google Analytics uses a cookie and provides anonymous data about how you use the site. It doesn't gather any personal data from you. It provides us with aggregate data that gives us an insight as to what people like or dislike and how they interact with our site. Here's an example: it's important to us to know when our peak visiting times are so that we publish a new article when more people are likely to read it. We promise to only use the data gathered by Google Analytics for our own research purposes. We want to make Creating Iris the best site it can be, and looking at data from Google Analytics will help us do that. 
  5. Currently, we are only able to accept submissions from writers under the age of eighteen for the Creating Iris web site (not the magazine). This is because we require parental consent for each minor contributor, and we are unable to coordinate those during our very busy submission periods for the magazine. If you would like to contribute a piece to the Creating Iris web site, please ask your parent/guardian to contact us, or send us your parent/guardian's contact info via our contact page. We must have parental permission before we can publish your work. Do not send us your writing until we've heard from your parent/guardian. Thank you!