Introductions: Meet Tamara!

We are excited to introduce Tamara Reisdorf  as a new member of our editorial team! Tamara is a German student of education science/social work, and will be contributing a regular column that speaks to her own experiences growing up, as well as her work today.  We're lucky to have her on board! - Ed.

Do you remember that quiet girl in school, who knew all the answers but did not raise her hand? The one who carried a book everywhere and whose voice was always too quiet? But you knew if you would need someone to keep your secret, it would be her?

Yup, that's me! I am that kind of girl-even now in university-who hates attention and would rather spend a nice evening in with good friends, rather than going out partying and taking shots in a crowd.

I’m Tamara, and I am a 22-year old German student who pretty much fulfils all your expectations about being an education science/social work students. Since the age of 12 I’ve known that I want to change the world, but haven´t figure out the whole plan yet....well I have a couple of years left, haven´t I?

Also I really like studying – I know that sounds weird! But I have found out that all the theory behind those things such as behaviour, addiction, abuse, childhood etc. give me a better understanding of humans, which leads to the great possibility to connect with other people.

A super fun side effect from studying is that I have to read a lot, which is one of my favourite things ever. Even back as a kid, I could be found curled up in a chair unable to speak for several hours because I was so focused on those precious stories that someone had written. The same happens to me with music. I cannot stand a day where I do not listen to music. It is no surprise that I can look happily forward to a concert that I will attend a long time before the actual date. Anticipation is the best!

Besides that I try different kind of activities to make my life more fun and sometimes stressful. These include laughing-yoga, hiking, social projects and being a mentor for an international student. When I studied abroad in Scotland I also learned to dance ceilidh-but please don´t ask me to show you because my coordination is horrible and we would probably end up laughing hysterically. Hmm that doesn’t sound too bad, does it? So maybe ask me the next time we meet ;-)

To structure these activities I am really good at making To-Do-Lists which I match colourful with my organizer. In fact nearly every day I have such a list and I love to cross each item when it is done. That gives you a little idea of my “perfectionist side” which also comes with being too early at every meeting. Sometimes this is annoying for myself but I can guarantee you if we would have a meeting, then there is slightly zero chance that I will miss it.

So when I thought about what to write about myself I am a victim of that feeling I am sure pretty many of you are familiar with. It is that thing where you think about yourself and you cannot think about your positive characteristics. For whatever reason all that pops up in your head are the times you have failed, the times you lost your shit and ended up crying on the floor. Well because I like researching, I then took a poll about how my friends would describe me. One word came particularly often. It was “helpfulness or cooperation”. I guess that sums it up pretty well and fit with other descriptions like empathetic and compassionate. Let us hope that they are right! ;-)

Oh and maybe I should mention that I am a lesbian. Why do I mention that? Well because it is going to lead us together to a strange variety of columns about my little life as an introvert, nerdy, lesbian girl, who tries to improve this world. That will include a variety of stories about growing up in a small German town with a slightly funny family and maybe some anecdotes about my failed attempts to be that “typical straight girl” that does not dare to make a mistake and wants to make everyone happy.

My life theme is “Nothing happens unless first a dream”. Everyone has a dream and these hopes enable us to do outstanding movements. I want to be there when people believe in their dreams, to witness the joy and freedom that we can achieve when we pursue our own dreams. One of the most powerful gifts we can give is to help other people to experience those.

Let´s get started, shall we?